Battle of Beasts -- OPEN BETA LIVE NOW!

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Battle of Beasts -- OPEN BETA LIVE NOW!

Postby verkon » Mon Jan 26, 2015 9:16 am

The Battle of Beasts Open Beta has finally launched for the Anglophone world!


Brave the perilous wilderness and come face to face with ferocious and fantastical beings of legend!

Build an empire and amass subjects. Mine gold and defend your settlement from other players; or launch vicious attacks against them yourself. Interact with other players in a whole new way – launching attacks and fighting epic guild battles.

Explore untamed regions as you embark on ruthless conquest campaigns with a horde of vicious monsters that obey your every command. Secure your home front, and set your subjects to work producing food for your creatures – grow grain, raise cattle, and provide bread and meat for your beasts. Whip your beasts into shape and train them to become awe-inspiring fighting machines.

Hone your skills and make strategic decisions regarding your monsters’ training and their moves in battle – don’t stop until you rule the world, from the small and unassuming nation of Tutorria to the volcanic crags of the treacherous territories of Ignizor – a land so hostile that even the fire-breathing dragons fear its peaks.
Let yourself be drawn into a world of fantasy and wonder, in a dark setting like you’ve never seen.

Become a lord of man and beast alike. Take your place in the Battle of Beasts.

Get a first look at this spectacular new browser game here:

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