Racing Mini-Game within the Arena Fight

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Racing Mini-Game within the Arena Fight

Postby fahrzumal » Tue Dec 30, 2014 9:47 am

I propose a racing mini-game within the arena fight.
If I attack a certain player, the computer could simulate the driving skill according to the specifications of the opponent's car. That would solve the problem that a specific user might not be online at the very moment when I attack them.
My own driving should of course be influenced by the specifications of my own car.

This would make the game more interactive and much more fun in my opinion, even if it was just one or a few tracks in the beginning. IT WOULD BE NICE TO HAVE AN ELEMENT OF SKILL IN THE GAME. At the moment it is only the black market where some skill is envolved.

I am sure that most users would agree with me that this would be a big plus, although it might be a bit much to ask from the programmers ... ? :strange:

Please make it happen! Or else... :angry:

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