Santa Gifted Me A Nibbledeer...or Not?

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Santa Gifted Me A Nibbledeer...or Not?

Post by ilkay » Mon Dec 09, 2013 3:19 pm


2 days ago, the flying santa on sniffleton gifted me a nibbledeer, and it says on my nibbledeer badge that I have been credited a nibbledeer at 12.08.2013. But I am unable to see it anywhere in my hospital or on my sniffleton park.

The nibbledeer was the top prize from last year's christmas event which is supposed to give us daily extra points so I assumed it would be on my park. But I still only have the soccer ball and the spaceship there and both of them are giving me the exact same amount of daily points before and after I was gifted the nibbledeer. (1150 for 1 Eurepean soccer thing + 1 fump, and 150 for flashy thing 2012 respectively).

Is there somewhere I need to click to activate the nibbledeer such as I don't know the yellow christmas tree between Olga and event lady? Because that tree is also inactive.

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Re: Santa Gifted Me A Nibbledeer...or Not?

Post by pearlbay » Tue Dec 10, 2013 3:46 am

Hi ilkay,

I assume what you received was the gift for your box of gifts. The deer was available as "point-giver" as well as as present for the box of gift last year, and it's the present for the box of gifts you will have been credited this year.

Here is a screenshot I took from your box of gifts:
Hope that helps solve the mystery :)

Best regards,

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