This should be contained in your bug-report

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This should be contained in your bug-report

Post by pearlbay » Tue Sep 20, 2011 9:24 am

So we can treat your reports quickly and without further questions, please read through the points on this list, and add them to your bug-reports.

Note: You can copy this list as it is into your bug report, and add the necessary information

a) Server (Hospital Ward), User-ID

b) Internet Browser and Version

c) Time of error

d) Error description

d) Error reproducible? If so, how?

Please also add a fitting subject. "Help", does not say a lot. Please make sure to make your description more accurately, for instance by a subject-title such as "Products disappeared from medicine cabinet". Please also make sure if the error has been reported before. If so, please use the existing thread for your report!

And now a few comments to these questions:

to a) Game world (Server), User-ID

Please make sure you mention the correct game world (Server/Hospital Ward), so we can check your account without having to ask for the server you play on first.

You can find your user ID inside your profile:

Image --> Image

to b) Internet Browser and Version

Your web or internet browser is the program you are using to look at this site. If you are unsure, which browser you are using, simply have a look at the (generally) blue title bar of this program; that's where the name should be displayed.

In order to find out which version you are using, check your browser's help menu.


You can find out your current IE version by looking under -> Info



You can find out your current Firefox version by looking under "help" -> "About Firefox" in the top menu.



You can find out your current Opera version by looking under "help" -> "About Opera" in the top menu.


to d) Error description
The most important thing to us is, that you describe your problem in detail. Simply stating "My remedies are gone" won't help us, as the most important details are missing. Instead, a description such as "I purchased the remedy Carrot Juice in Sniffleton on May 20th 2011, at around 4 pm CEST, but when I checked my medical cabinet, the remedy had not arrived" would be much better, and can therefore be handled much quicker.

Another example: "patient sold on exchanged, money not arrived". That's not very helpful either. Instead, here a better option: "I offered the patient Luke Bowmaker at the market place on May 22nd at around 5 pm. I received the confirmation that it had been sold, but didn't receive any payment."

to e) Error reproducible? If so, how?

If the error is reproducible, please send us an exact description on how we can reproduce the error ourselves. This helps us enormously, when trying to track the error down.

Thanks a lot,

your upjers-team
In case of urgent problems or questions, please use our support form!

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