Succubi / Battle Succubi

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Succubi / Battle Succubi

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The Succubus
A succubus is a female demon with a whip and a sexy outfit. She doesn't work herself, but is fantastic at motivating other monsters to work faster.
When a succubus is content, she will saunter through the dungeon, cracking her whip whenever she passes another monster. This will cause the other monster to work faster for a few minutes. If a succubus is unhappy, she will stop and pout until she's given the attention she desires.

The succubus requires exquisitely furnished chambers.
She also needs to be paid compliments to that she's happy and doesn't start pouting.
All you need to do to pay her compliments is click on the pins that appear over her head.

A succubus requires 12 chamber floor tiles.

The Battle Succubus
The battle succubus only does moderate damage, but she can do it from a distance. She confuses her opponents and takes away their gifts, leaving these incapable of attacking its foes and leaving it vulnerable.
Her opponents will only receive their gifts back once she has been defeated.

She needs an above-average amount of space in the gym.
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